"It takes dedication and full absorption into the history of architecture as well as

world history to become an architect." 

Hugh Newell Jacobsen, F.A.I.A.


Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures. Architectural works are perceived as cultural and political symbols and works of art. Historical civilizations are often known primarily through their architectural achievements. Such buildings as the pyramids of Egypt and the Roman Coliseum are cultural symbols, and are an important link in public consciousness.  Cities, regions and cultures continue to identify themselves with their architectural accomplishments.


The Noble Architect magazine is an independent publication.  We believe that architecture has had a great influence in shaping our lives and communities throughout the history. Architecture as a noble profession, is not just about designing and administering construction of buildings; "architecture is about where we work and where we live.

The Noble Architect Magazine

is published 6 times a year.:

Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct & Nov/Dec


Our homes, our neighborhoods, our places of work, our schools, our places of worship, and,

overall, our communities shape

our characters. We promote

great architecture and in

doing so, we underscore

architect's enormous

responsibility and influence in

our daily lives. We have been providing timely news & information, product data, art and architecture history lessons, interviews with community leaders and leading architects, and much more since 2004.


Architecture and the arts have a tremendous influence on growth and development of our environments. Architects, artists must take upon themselves to revitalize our communities. Together, we can support educational programs that would ultimately bring about positive changes to our communities. Support of responsible architecture and the arts can develop the public knowledge

and their expectations. An educated society is never an impoverished one.